My teaching interests include global nineteenth-century literature and culture, Victorian aestheticism and decadence, gender and sexuality studies, and aesthetic theory.

Teaching Philosophy

In my opinion, the most effective teaching gives students the opportunity to become better writers and thinkers by reflecting upon the diverse beliefs and life experiences they bring to the classroom. To accomplish this, my classroom practices make use of discussions, collaborative activities, and writing assignments designed to encourage critical self-reflection. Through the process of crafting interpretations of texts that account for ambivalence and ambiguity, my students develop skills in questioning, revising, and refining their cultural knowledge.

Courses Taught

American University

  • Rethinking Literature: Growing Up
  • Readings in Genre: Novel
  • Complex Problems: Inventing Queer Lives
  • Literature and Society in Victorian England
  • Major Authors: Oscar Wilde and Late Victorian Literary Culture
  • Sexuality in Victorian Literature
  • Survey of British Literature II

National University of Singapore

  • Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture
  • Victorian Aesthetics and Social Critique
  • The Gothic Novel
  • Pre-Raphaelitism, Aestheticism, and Decadence
  • Gender and Sexuality in Victorian Literature


  • Gender, Sexuality, and the Body, 1700-1850: Gothic Sexualities
  • Introduction to Feminist and Queer Theory
  • Introduction to LGBT Studies
  • Victorian Masculinities
  • Critical Reading and Writing
  • English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language

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