Upcoming Presentations

“Form and Excess: Aesthetic Bildung in the Supernatural Writings of Vernon Lee.” Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Annual International Conference. Rome, Italy. June 13-15, 2018.

“Poetic Disinterest and the Sex of Aesthetic Freedom in Michael Field’s Ekphrastic Poetry.” Curiosity and Desire in Fin-De-Siècle Art and Literature. Los Angeles, California. May 11-12, 2018.


“Weird Sex: Teleny, Pornography, and the History of Sexuality.” North American Victorian Studies Association Conference. Banff, Canada. November 15-18, 2017.

“Erotic Negativity and Victorian Aestheticism.” George Washington University English Department Colloquium, “The Humanities Now.” Washington, D.C. October 27, 2017.

“Teaching Victorian Sexuality Transnationally.” Northeast Victorian Studies Association Annual Conference. Washington, D.C. April 21-23, 2017.

“Michael Field, Poetic Indifference, and the Sex of Aesthetic Freedom.” Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers Annual Conference. Washington, D.C. October 27-30, 2016.

“Walter Pater, Moral Sexlessness, and the Autonomous Subject.” The Victorians and the Democratic Imagination. Hong Kong. May 13-14, 2016.

“The Truth in Eros: The Anthropology of Rationality in Walter Pater’s Plato and Platonism.” North American Victorian Studies Association Annual Conference. Honolulu, Hawaii. July 9-12, 2015.

“Forgetting Pederasty in Richard Burton’s ‘Terminal Essay’.” Australasian Victorian Studies Association Annual Conference.  Auckland, New Zealand. February 2-5, 2015.

“Out There, Over Here: Doing Victorian Sexuality in Singapore.” Modern Language Association Conference. Vancouver, Canada.  January 8-11, 2015.

“‘The inevitable force of individuality’: Sight and Song and the Erotics of Historicism.” Michael Field Centenary Conference.  London, UK. July 11-12, 2014.

“Erotic Negativity: Mediating Queer Aesthetics.” Modern Language Association Conference.  Boston, Massachusetts.  January 3-6. 2013.

“The Gender of Aesthetic Bildung in Vernon Lee’s ‘Prince Alberic and the Snake Lady.’” Women Writers of the Fin de Siècle.  London, UK. June 28-29, 2010.

“Bodies that Shatter: Teleny and the History of Sexuality.” Dickens Project Winter Conference.  New Brunswick, New Jersey. April 6-8, 2007.

“Euphuism in Walter Pater’s Marius the Epicurean.” Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies of the Western United States Annual Conference. Los Angeles, California.  October 26-28, 2006.

“Masculinity, Aesthetics, and Sensibility in Mary Wollstonecraft’s Maria.” The Eighteenth Century Now. York, UK. June 24-24, 2006.

“Artificial Artlessness: Walter Pater and the ‘task of poetry’.” International Walter Pater Society Conference.  New Brunswick, New Jersey. July 27-29, 2006.